Experienced water pump and smog pump rebuilders!

Our professional water pump rebuilders have been doing this since the 1970's. With over 50 years of experience we can rebuild any water pump to the highest of expectations.

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    What is a water pump?

    The engine water pump (coolant pump) is responsible for circulating the coolant. When the water pump is doing its job your engine will maintain a constant even temperature. When it's time to rebuild or replace, you may notice.

     - A coolant leak
     - The pulley is loose or making noise
     - You see steam
     - Engine begins to overheat 

    Water pump rebuild request 
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    What is a smog (A.I.R.) pump?

    Your smog pump is a component of your car's emission control system. When this pump fails, you'll be at risk of failing an emissions test.

    So when is it the right time to get a rebuild? 

    - If you fail an emissions test
     - Engine runs rough, stalls or idles to low
     - Reduced power
     - Excessive Noise 

    Smog pump rebuild request 
  • Step one

    Fill out the water/smog pump rebuild request form using a cellphone or tablet, this makes uploading pictures a breeze.

  • Step two

    One of our water pump rebuilders will contact you within one business day to go over the rebuild and estimated cost.

  • Step three

    Carefully pack your water pump or smog pump and ship to:

    Marvelous Parts of Oregon

    33923 HWY 99E, Tangent, OR 97389

  • Step four

    Over the next 5-10 business days YOUR PUMP will be meticulously restored back to OE or better! We have a vast inventory of cores should you need a better date or pump!

  • Step five

    We will contact you to collect payment and arrange shipping. We typically charge shipping on all rebuilds.

  • Step six

    Get your car on the road or in the show!

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