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01. Who we are

Michael Hart founded Marvelous Parts of Oregon in 2022 after an unsavory split with his brother and business partner.
I believe in the American auto parts rebuilding industry. I believe in building quality parts. I believe relying on cheap parts made overseas to cut costs or rebuilt as quickly as possible for the lowest cost is fine for a disposable car, not for our classic cars.
I have always loved cars, I love driving them, fixing them, racing them, etc. I have always had an attraction to anything mechanical and thankfully my family had a business in the automotive rebuilding industry where I could gain the knowledge, develop the skills, learn the techniques, and meet the standards of fixing things properly.
I also earned some money while doing that, enough saving over the years of weekends, summer breaks, and holidays to buy my own first car with MY money lol.
I saved $1000 by the time I was 14 and a half to buy my 1972 Pontiac Firebird Formula 350 from an old lady in Pasadena CA. She was rough but she ran…. Barely. I still have her. I also have a 1960 Thunderbird which my wife and 2 boys love to go cruising with me in, when the weather is nice.
Our small business located in Albany Oregon keeps a small crew of family members working together to reach our goal of great customer service, and high-quality parts for your pride and joy.

02. What we do

We rebuild Water pumps and Smog pumps.
We specialize in returning your crusty, leaky, old water pump back to its original glory and provide you with years of worry-free service. We achieve this by using the best parts available, strict quality control standards, and decades of expertise and mechanical know-how passed down by the generations. We can also help find you the correct casting or date code for your project.

03. Contact us

Mike Hart
600 Goldfish Farm R SE, Albany, Oregon
Phone: (503) 999 2866