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Marvelous Parts of Oregon

Address : 600 Goldfish Farm Rd Albany, OR 97322 | Phone: 503 999 2866 | Email: info@marvelousparts.com

Marvelous Parts of Orergon is a professional water pump rebuilder in the Pacific Northwest. We have over 50+ years in the automotive industry.

We focus our rebuilding efforts on automotive water pumps and smog pumps. We specialize in concourse and show rebuilds.

We also work on almost any mechanical drive water pump or smog pump. Anything from date correct to just trying to pass smog. We can help.

Marvelous Parts has a proprietary rebuild process that will result in your water pump being handled with the highest level of care.

You can expect:
Cleaned | Hand Blasted | New Bearing | New Seal | New Gasket | Period Matching Paint

Yes, unlike other rebuilders, YOUR water pump is tagged with your information. The only time we switch out pumps is on request, should you need a better date or casting.

Typically 5-7 business days. Unexpected labor, weather and holidays can affect this.

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