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Our core charge is already built into the price. (If applicable)

What is a core?

In short. The part you are replacing. We build a core charge into the current price. This core charge will be refunded upon receipt of your old rebuildable core. We look to rebuild or remanufacture cores.

Core Return

The exact core charge (if applicable) can be found in the body of the description. Core refunds are sent to you after your core has been received and inspected. Refunds are typically sent back to the original form of payment within 5- 10 business days. You may also receive a check by mail within 7-10 business days following the return.

You have 45 days from the receipt of your new part to return the core. (Unless you otherwise communicated with a Marvelous Parts team member). After 45 days, Marvelous Parts of Oregon will use the core money to look at buying a new core.

Your core must have the same part number/casting as what you bought. A reduction in core value or a denial can otherwise be expected. All core returns must be in rebuildable condition. The more parts we have to replace the lower your core refund will be. Some common deductions include, but are not limited to- Broken, bent, cracked or missing components. Things such as excessive rust or having used the part outside of it's purpose (i.e. using a non-marine pump on a marine vessel) may also result in a reduced or rejected core refund. In most cases if your housing is cracked or otherwise broken you can expect a complete denial. Core parts that have been modified or tampered with in a way that no longer provide proper fit and function for the original applications will be denied a refund.